Monday, May 19, 2008

In Our Time

"When a work appears to be ahead of its time, it is only the time that is behind the work."
–Jean Cocteau, author & filmmaker

"No one is ahead of his time, it is only that the particular variety of creating his time is the one that his contemporaries who are also creating their own time refuse to accept."
–Gertrude Stein, author

"No artist is ahead of his time. He is his time; it is just that others are behind the times."
–Martha Graham, dancer

Every writer interested in avant-garde literature must become familiar with Matthew Barney's Cremaster Cycle. I was lucky enough, smart enough to see the Guggenheim installation back in 2003, and, shortly thereafter, watched the entire film cycle. Though considered primarily a visual (perhaps also performance) artist, Barney is also a multimodal writer. Even if he doesn't hang that label around his neck. And, really, the lable just isn't important. The art is.

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